Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inspiration Within

I get inspired from many things..from famous people..from my brother...and many more...but at the end i realize that i mostly get inspired from myself a lot....i dont no why..but after all the obstacle i been through..after all the sadness i have been facing..i still holding tight on my spirit and soul to face this world...i mostly really wants to thanks to god for giving me this chance to live in this feel what really the reason im here...i think myself maybe just not good to be inspired by others...but i feel happy if my writing can makes someone think back what they really are..what is they best inspiration is??

Actually i cannot wait for my results coming out today.. at 3 pm .. im really waiting for that moment.. i will face anything that comes out with my heart and soul.. i think i has done good enough to get better results but actually i totally lie because i think i can do 300 times much more better.. so for god sake..i just hope my results will turns out great.. and for those are one to know my results just can check it tomorrow after 3pm.. i will posted it ... dont worry.. 

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